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Precision Machines for Cutting Hard Materials

We are very proud, that finally we can present our newest development:

Machine for Cutting Hard Materials PW-1

This is robust, heavy-duty machine produced entirely in European Union to comply to the latest EU regulations. PW-1 is used to make a precise cut to very hard materials like:

  •  Carbide,
  •  Ceramic,
  •  Ceramic/Metal Composite Materials...

With PW-1 you can cut carbide bars (diameter: 3-32 mm) of the length from 20 mm up to the maximum 350 mm. Our cutter is semi-automatic machine, so you feed and collect substrate manually but the rest of the process is done automatically. Cutting parameters can be set-up precisely and are accurately repeatable. Integrated pressurized lubricating and cooling system includes oil pump, reservoir, filter and settler. Together with tight housing it saves oil consumption, natural environment and makes this machine safe to use (see picture below).

You can also cut broken router cutter parts (see picture below).

We also produce manual and automatic machines for cutting hard materials. Should you wish to get more information - feel free to contact us.

   Our Field of Interest and Experiences

Hinge joint fence (forest, highway), hexagonal mesh, gabions, wire straightening, wire cutting, barbed wire, hard materials cutting, rosette wire coiling, uncoiling of wire, wire pvc coating, wire galvanizing, PET recycling, professional consulting of construction materials, modern motion systems and logic controllers, wire straightening and cutting machines, wire benders.

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